Hosting and your options

What we can offer with webhosting

Hosting is an important part of your web presence, Without a good reliable host your investment in your website is a waste. We will work with you to understand what you want and advise where necessary on the ideal web host for you. The hosting companies we use are among the quickest and most reliable hosts around even for the most budget conscious user, however we won't recommend anyone unless they meet our strict standards.

You already have a host? No problem, We'll work with your exisiting host to deliver a first class website experience for your customers. 

Shared or Virtual Hosting

Ideal for the cost conscious 

Shared, or vitual hosting, is the ideal solution for a small to mid size websites who will attract a reasonable amount of traffic to their sites. Its easy to set up and all the technical aspects are dealt with by the hosting company's technical staff. The cost is very affordable. 


Ideal for busy websites

If you anticipated very high levels of traffic and want to keep total control over your webserver, then dedicated hosting is the way to go. Ideal for mid to large websites serving up thousands of webpages daily, dedicated hosting is substantially more costly than other options and requires a higher level of technical skills.

Virtual Private Server Website Hosting

A hybrid solution

This type of hosting is a hybrid of dedicated hosting and shared hosting. Virtual private server hosting involves a dedicated server being shared by a number of users, sharing the resources of the server, but the server space is divided into allocated slots. This hosting arrangement gives you some of the control of a dedicated server without the large-scale investment in a server that may have more space than necessary.