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Frequently Asked Questions

Actually we're not expensive at all when you consider what goes into designing a website. An average website will take 40+ hours to design from start to finish, an ecommerce website will take even longer. According to the average price for a small ecommerce site is around £8518 (based on the exchange rate as at 04/05/17) so you can see we offer a huge saving over the average price. And unlike our competitiors we're not afraid to publish our prices so you know from the start what the likely cost will be.

The current popularity of these packages says it all. They are ok if you have a good technical knowledge of websites and website design but it relies on you doing all the hard work. EVERY. SINGLE. ASPECT. On top of that on some you are limited to how the website you are designing is displayed which may mean that it doesn't quite fit your brand - Its a huge compromise and you must ask yourself "is it worth my brand suffering from a compromise?"Bear in mind that your website is your customers first impression of you, get it wrong and you've lost them. Also some packages make you display an advertising link on your new website which some customers may see as being unprofessional - you alone must decide whether it is worth the risk.

In a word no. Despite claims to the contrary no-one can. The search engines use various algorithms to rank pages and it takes time. All our websites comply with SEO rules and are Search Engine Friendly.  

Depending on the package you can get up to 6 months technical support free. This covers everything to do with the technical side of things such as how the site works, making it work with analytics etc. It doesn't cover design changes or tweaks, thats extra.

We don't have any offices to visit but don't let that put you off. We're based in Cheshire and we'll come to you and meet up for a tea or coffee and discuss how we can help you.